Denver Metro Market Update November of 2021

Mike Gold realtor

As colder winds have begun to blow down from the Front Range foothills, some even treating us to small flakes of unique shapes, we have proof that summer is good and truly over. With it, the real estate market moves swiftly into the last quarter of the year. Taking a quick look backward can set our sights on the most likely direction going forward. 

For those with property to sell, the slimmer than slim inventory continues to offer substantial equity gains and speedy sale times. Particularly when the price is valued per the current market and the property is in good sale condition. Many took advantage of these conditions, giving the metro marketplace only 2351 detached homes, which was 11% less than last year, and 1025 attached (townhomes/condos), also down 53%, units to choose from in October. 

Mortgage interest rates, rising only slightly in the preceding 30 days, fueled affordability which inspired 3645 single-family and 1524 attached homeowners to choose and close on a new home during the same time in the greater Denver/Boulder area. The tide of ready, willing, and able buyers has not abated, so the fast turnaround time averaging 14.5 Days on the Market should surprise no one. 

The numbers from the National Association of REALTORS® are showing that the summer market slowdown has not slowed the speed at which homes are selling. NAR’s chief economist Lawrence Yun is convinced that sales would be at much higher levels if only there was inventory available to satisfy the buyer demand. This is a refrain we’ve been singing for quite some time. 

One positive to encourage prospective home buyers is the pace of new construction. New home construction is up almost 18% year-over-year and permits for further new builds have increased over 6% month-over-month. More homes to choose from will increase choice overall, help balance sale prices, as well as lower stress levels for potential buyers. 

Speaking of affordability, talk of high-climbing price trends may cease when inventory levels return to a more balanced situation. Currently, we saw an average sales price of $585,000 for single-family homes and $440,560 for attached in October in the Denver/Boulder market. Still a jump up from last October’s average by 10% and 13% respectively, but as we see a return to what is considered “normal” activity, we may see the real estate market making similar adjustments. 

Adjustments are on the menu with most mortgage lenders too. Most expect a somewhat calmer market pace than what was experienced through the spring and summer. Rates have been in a state of flux for about 60 days, with credit availability increasing from August through September close to 4%. That increase means more buyers have found it easier to obtain a mortgage loan and the expectation is that will continue through the end of 2021. 

All current trends indicate a strong, healthy real estate market throughout Colorado. What going on in your neighborhood? Contact me today and I’ll run those numbers and help to create your next stress-free, successful real estate sale or purchase.

Detached Single FamilyYear to Year
 Oct ’20Oct ’21% change
Active Listings2,6432,351-11.05%
New Listings4,2243,704-12.31%
Closed Price Median$515,00$585,00013.59%
Closed Price Average$622,902$684,7009.92%
Days on Market2314-39.13
Months Supply of Inventory1.451.6615.00%
Average Percent of Original List Price100.44%101.70%1.25%
Sales Volume$2,912,556,870$2,495,731,855-15.47%
 Month to Month
 Sept ’21Oct ’21% change
Active Listings2,8032,351-16.13%
New Listings4,3923,704-15.66%
Closed Price Median$575,000$585,0001.56%
Closed Price Average$688,629$684,7000.73%
Days on Market13147.69%
Months Supply of Inventory1.931.66-14.00%
Average Percent of Original List Price101.95%101.70%-0.25%
Sales Volume$2,555,500.453$2,495,731,855-9.65%
AttachedYear to Year
 Oct ’20Oct ’21% change
Active Listings2,1781,025-52.94%
New Listings2,0441,610-21.23%
Closed Price Median$335,800$375,0011.67%
Closed Price Average$390,670$440,56013%
Days on Market2715-44.44%
Months Supply of Inventory2.361.73%-26.70%
Average Percent of Original List Price99.75101.43%1.68%
Sales Volume$696,564,771$671,413,639-3.61%
 Month to Month
 Sept ’21Oct ’21% change
Active Listings1,1681,025-12.24%
New Listings1,7331,610-7.26%
Closed Price Median$380,000$375,00-1.19%
Closed Price Average$446,800$440,560-0.80%
Days on Market15157.14%
Months Supply of Inventory1.91.73%-8.94%
Average Percent of Original List Price101.77%101.43%-0.29
Sales Volume$680,028,947$671,413,639-7.31%

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