Denver is a city, state capital, and a county of the state of Colorado. Originally, Denver City was founded in 1858, during the heady days of the Pike’s gold rush. The bustling town’s economy was initially based on servicing the local miners, but it wasn’t long before it became a lively supply and service center. The city hit a new age of prosperity in 1870, when the transcontinental railroad finally linked it to the rest of the nation.

Various factors contribute toward making Denver one of the best places to live in the U.S. The county has a lot of good schools, a strong job market, and low crime rates. Denver also has a thriving cultural, sports, and entertainment scene.

If you are considering a move to this beautiful city, Mike Gold is the Denver realtor who can tell you more about it. He not only knows the city better than most, but the experienced Denver realtor can help you choose the best area to live according to the needs of your family and work.

Denver County

Denver is a consolidated city and county government. You can learn more about Denver and what it offers by reading the information offered to you by the Denver realtor Mike Gold.

Denver City

Denver is also known to many as the Mile High City. This name originates from its elevation above sea level at 5,280 feet, the equivalent of one mile. The first settlement in the area was made on the South Platte River, but was abandoned a bit later for a gold-mining town of Auraria.

A few years later, the area across the creek, on the bluff of the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek was staked. Denver City was born on the site of today’s St. Charles’ town. Its name changed to Denver when the city was chosen as the state capital.

Denver has 78 neighborhoods, and each one’s character varies significantly from the other. Being in the center of the Front Range Corridor of the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains, the county and its city consists of interesting topography.

Toward the city center, the city is flatter since it is built on the plain. The areas toward the north, west, and south are hilly. Historically, the areas closest to the city are older and more densely populated. The material used mostly in these neighborhoods is the brick that lends them their charm, reminiscent of the olden days of the city.

Moving farther out, many of the areas were built after the 2nd World War and feature modern building materials and styles. Many newer developments, both in suburban areas and closer to the city center, are built to recreate the historical feel of the area.

Denver has some fantastic neighborhoods, and the city is brimming with exciting arts, cultures, green spaces, museums, foods, and breweries. Popular areas of the city include:

  • LoDo (Lower Downtown) offers some beautiful lofts and condo towers. Its Riverfront Park and downtown living have made it very popular with young professionals, but some families prefer the density and hustle and bustle of this desirable area.
  • Washington Park is a desirable area for families because it is considered the most family-friendly. It is characterized by the sprawl of natural vegetation and lakes making it ideal for outdoor adventurers and joggers. Washington Park also has one of the best Elementary schools in the city.
  • Uptown is very close to Downtown Denver and is popular with people wanting a short commute into the city. The area borders City Park, one of the best green spaces in the city and home to the Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science. 17th Avenue is lined with trendy shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Other popular areas include Highland, Central Park (formerly Stapleton), Park Hill, Capitol Hill, Highlands, River North, Five Points, and Cherry Creek.

Adjacent counties to Denver include Jefferson County to the west, Adams County to the north and east, and Arapahoe County to the south and east.


Denver has an abundance of schools for children of all ages. Whether you have children in PreK, Elementary, Middle, or High school level, you can learn about the schools close to the areas you are most interested in here.

Students in Colorado can opt to attend their assigned neighborhood school or can apply to attend another school within or outside their district. Virtually all the schools are open to this enrollment process, and this is one of few districts in the U.S. with this system.

This system is known as open enrollment, and Denver Public Schools (DPS) makes it easy to search for schools. Students can apply with an easy one-application for all schools, and all schools have one deadline. The system has three search options making it easier for you to find schools. You can either search schools in your neighborhood, find schools based on interests, or find schools based on the school’s name and your child’s age.

According to DPS, well over 80% of children in all age groups are placed in their first choice of school.

Denver is also home to several colleges and universities. Three of these – Regis University, the University of Colorado, and the University of Denver appear high on the U.S. rankings of the best colleges in the country.


Denver is a bustling city that offers its residents and visitors many entertainment opportunities. It boasts festivals, museums, exhibitions, gardens, amusement parks, and a zoo. The city also has some scenic routes to explore, sports, arts and culture, breweries, distilleries, music, nightlife, food, and coffee shops galore.

Museums include the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the Wings over the Rockies and Space Museum. Denver also has an aquarium.

Eating out

Denver has earned a place among the top locations for dining out. It has a variety of restaurants to suit everyone’s palate. Steakhouses, seafood, neighborhood dining, and chef-owned restaurants offer variety.

Trendy neighborhoods for dining include Downtown, Larimer Square, LoDo, United Station, Uptown, Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, RINO, and Central Park.

The popularity of chef-owned restaurants continues to grow, and the city constantly has many hot new spots and old favorites to offer. These present their culinary adventures from all corners of the world in style and are perfect for those wanting to spend an evening exploring the gastronomic wonders of the city.

Taking the kids out for dinner? Then you are probably looking for restaurants with a fun atmosphere that serve up their favorite treats. Denver has no shortage of child-friendly food establishments.

The fresh crisp air and perfect views of the mountains have ensured some of the best dining experiences in Denver. Look out for those that offer outdoor dining with stunning views. These are often found on rooftops and patios.


From classic cocktail lounges to craft beer establishments, Denver has a variety of bars, wineries, and distilleries. The city has a thriving live music scene for lovers of any genre.

Find out more about what Denver has to offer here.

Sporting events

Denver has 300 days of sunshine a year, and its residents enjoy the outdoors and sporting events. The major sports loved by everyone in the city include basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. Additionally, the city has numerous soccer and hockey teams.

Abundant sunshine and the scenic environment also offer many opportunities for outdoor adventures like biking, hiking, jogging, and fishing. There is also no shortage of golf courses.

Denver Broncos

Denver’s football team that competes in the National Football League is the Denver Broncos. Watch them play at the Empower Field at Mile High.

Colorado Rockies (Coors Field)

LoDo’s Coors Field is the location where Denver’s great baseball team, the Colorado Rockies play. The stadium has state-of-the-art technology, but still combines the nostalgic feel of classic ballparks. The air in Denver is thinner because of its location, offering impressive home runs.

Colorado Avalanche

Denver has a professional ice hockey team known as the Colorado Avalanche.  The team competes as a member of the West Division in the National Hockey League, and they play from the Ball Arena.

Denver Nuggets

Denver’s professional basketball team is known as the Denver Nuggets. They compete in the National Basketball Association and they also play from the Ball Arena.


Denver has convenient and inexpensive public transportation, making it easy to get around the city. The regional agency operating the public transit services is known as the Regional Transportation District (RTD). Their website provides a practical trip planner and schedules.

Denver is also serviced by the Denver International airport. Both local and international flights land here. A train runs from downtown Denver to the airport and back. The ride takes 37 minutes and during peak hours trains leave every 15 minutes either way.

Taking the bus and using the light rail system

It is often faster to use the public transportation system than to take the bus in Denver. One of the advantages is that you can get almost anywhere by using a combination of rail and bus.

The four zones of the RTD light rail system include A, B, C, and Airport and their fares differ. The more zones you travel through the more the fare is.

Major Highways

The major highways that have portions running in or near Denver include the I-25, I-70, I-76, I-270, and I-225. The I-25 follows the north-south corridor, while the I-70 is transcontinental and traverses from east to west across the center of the state of Colorado. The I-76 is an interstate highway as is the I-225.

Mike Gold – Denver Realtor

Find out more about Denver and its beautiful neighborhoods from Mike Gold, the Denver realtor born and raised in the city. Mike Gold has listings of some of the finest properties in Denver and its surroundings. He understands the potential of each area for prospective buyers.

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