Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Within our guaranteed home sale program, we want to offer you the opportunity to make a quick home sale. There are two options available to you, namely iBuyers and our Home Sale Guarantee.


Large and privately traded companies like Opendoor, Zillow, Offerpad, and Redfin are some of the biggest companies buying homes right now. These offer an important option for sellers where time is vital for their sale.

There are a few similarities between iBuyers and a house flipper. As opposed to flippers who prefer homes needing significant repairs and are only paying bottom dollar for these homes, iBuyers are looking for homes in fair condition or better. They too offer far less than the full market price but make the process simple and easy. iBuyers are becoming more mainstream.

The pros include you don’t have to wait to list your home, do any repairs, or have walkthroughs. They do create a faster and smoother process for you, but you pay a higher commission for their service. Additionally, their prices often range below the real market value of your home.

If you have decided this is the best way to sell your home, then let us help you:

  • Our expertise can help you get a better price from an iBuyer than their automated home valuations since these can often be inaccurate.
  • We can go over the finer details with you and guide you through your choice of the different available programs.
  • We can get you access to an iBuyer through Zillow or any iBuyer services or programs.

What can go wrong?

One of the problems with choosing an iBuyer is they may not be available in your area. There is also no guarantee that they will accept your home.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Your home may be outside the minimum or maximum price range. Except in states with higher home values, generally, their price range is between $150,000 and $600,000.
  • Older homes are considered high-risk.
  • Some neighborhoods are difficult for them to value.
  • They don’t buy properties in gated communities because it’s usually more difficult for them to coordinate repairs.
  • Not all iBuyers buy with condos.
  • Wells and septic tanks are a problem, so they don’t accept homes that don’t have full municipal infrastructures or are in rural areas.

Home Sale Guarantee Sold in 30 Days or less
Or I will sell it for free!

Our Guaranteed Home Sale Program can be far more beneficial to your home sale than an iBuyer. This is because we can guarantee you more money for the sale of your home.

My team and I know the area of Adams, Boulder, Denver, Jefferson, and South Weld so well, we can give you the most accurate property price assessment available. We have no problem with the location of your home (urban or rural), its age, or type of development (condos). We have buyers interested in homes of all sizes, areas and many don’t mind any quirks!

Our Guaranteed Home Sale Program promises that we sell your home in 30 days or less, otherwise we will sell it for free!

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