Have the Home Inspected

The Comprehensive Property Inspection is technically exhaustive and can be invasive to the point of some minor destructive testing. Several different trades are scheduled to take part in the inspection process. Testing includes the use of highly specialized equipment, as well as some dismantling of system components. This type of invasive inspection may also include testing of soil by a Geotechnical engineer, and/or examination of the property by a structural engineer. Examples of Comprehensive Property Inspection Scope Determine Code Compliance.

The Limited Visual Property Inspection

The Limited Visual Property Inspection is a non-invasive, non-technically exhaustive, physical examination of the property. It is designed to identify material defects in systems, structures, and components of the referenced property and its associated primary parking structures, as they exist at the time of inspection. A material defect is a condition which significantly affects value, desirability, habitability or safety of the building. Style, cosmetic items, neighborhood and appraised value are not part of the inspection.

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