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When relocating to the Adams, Boulder, Denver, Jefferson, and South Weld areas, you probably have already prepared by doing plenty of research. When you come to us, you probably have a predetermined idea of where you want to purchase a home.

I am Mike Gold, and I want you to continue this journey with us. Buying a home is the biggest financial investment for your family, and I want to make sure you are aware of what each area offers, before deciding on the best one for you.

I have lived in Colorado all my life, and my knowledge of the area and its surroundings is second to none. I know the people, the neighborhoods, the schools, and everything else that may interest you and your family in the area.

Coupled with this, I have been offering my real estate services since I was attending the University of Colorado. Selling student condos was the beginning of my love for real estate, but I also have vast experience in property maintenance. This is thanks to my father and his properties in Five Points, where I often earned some pocket money before going into real estate.

21 years have passed since I entered the property market, and I have since grown my real estate business into a successful venture. I offer you the expertise to help guide you through the buying process. I also have a degree in finance in real estate and can help you arrange all your financials around the purchase.

My team and I can guide you to make the best home purchase in the most suitable neighborhood, whether you have your heart set on a penthouse apartment near LODO or a family home close to one of the areas closer to the outskirts where natural beauty abounds. In the end, we want to make sure you are comfortable with your decision and we are here to ensure the whole process is easier for you.

The Internet

The Internet and the ZTR Network tools (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com) are where most of you begin your initial search. We are happy that you bring your ideas from there to us. But it is our job to help you understand the difference between what you see online, and what the reality of the real estate market is like at any given time.

This is where my experience comes in.

  • We go over the properties you have in mind together.
  • We offer you any suitable alternatives if we feel these are better suited to your needs.
  • We use tools we have specially developed to help you in your search for the perfect home.

Our Search Tools

Home Scout

Innovation has helped take the real estate market and our industry onto new levels of customer service. At Mike J. Gold, we strive to develop and implement ideas to continuously offer you better and more innovative services.

Our Home Scout Page is available for you to use in the same way you use other internet tools to search for real estate. Its learning behavior allows you to add information about what your specific needs are. Once you have added these, the AI system intuitively suggests listings to you and me, making it easier for us to suggest the best home in the best area.

The MLS and RE/MAX Alliance

Your home search is enhanced because my assistant and I also use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and work together with a large network of agents within the RE/MAX Alliance family. Even though this is considered old school, MLS allows us to actively look for you, as well as to diversify your needs, by partnering with other agents in the area. We are dedicated to being an active partner for you during this home search process.


Information about schools is very important for every parent. Denver County and its surroundings have an abundance of good schools and universities.

Schools do not necessarily need to define the areas you want to buy a home. Colorado schools have a system known as open enrollment. This allows students to opt for schools beyond their neighborhood.

Families with children relocating to Denver should know that websites with reviews may often indicate lower ratings than the school deserves. The Colorado Department of Education is the best resource for your research, and we provide you with their report.

Neighborhood Reports

We aim to provide you with whatever information you need regarding the best neighborhoods for your relocation. However, we also offer you resources to help you research the demographics, crime, and other points of interest to you as you plan your relocation to Adams, Boulder, Denver, Jefferson, and South Weld.

Colorado is a relatively low crime area, but you can research the crime statistics here. You can also research other data, including migration, births, deaths, and housing units available here. Finally, you can also conduct more detailed research of the most recent crime data from each area here.

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