Menu of Commission Rates

Transparency is vital to me and my team. As real estate agents, we work tirelessly to help you sell your home, and unlike other professionals, we don’t get paid hourly or weekly. Our commission covers the whole process, and this can take anywhere between a few days to months to complete.

Our huge range of services includes everything from iBuyers, staging, marketing your home by every means available to us (MLS, social media, and others), showing your home, and helping to close the deal.

My team of skilled real estate agents and I are proud to announce that we have closed over $100 million in deals over the years. We are also successful property managers of a large portfolio of properties. However, we understand that each client has different requirements, and that is why we offer you a menu of our commission rates that consider your varying needs. Our rates vary between 1% and 6%.

1% You Bring the Buyer

If you want to use the services of an iBuyer for the certainty and convenience of an all-cash offer, we understand. We are the experts here and can help you choose the right iBuyer.

Selling your home is one of the major financial decisions you may ever need to make. We want to make sure you are offered a price that favors you. There are certain conditions that your home needs to meet before an iBuyer makes an offer, such as it must be mid-priced homes and in a good condition. As we’ve already pointed out, iBuyers aren’t into the home-flipping business and don’t buy homes requiring major work.

Even though you can deal directly with the various iBuyers, we help you by:

  • Guiding you on all their services.
  • We have expertise in the local market.
  • We are experienced negotiators.

2%-3% Bring the Buyer you have representation

  • We charge you 2% if you prefer to do most of the hard work. This is known as For Sale by Owner (FSBO) but we offer you some help by offering your property to known buyers. You need to have an attorney or to self-represent.

  • We charge 3% if we provide representation as transaction brokers. All parties need to agree.

4% Basic Marketing Plan
Full Representation..

This is the same service provided by most agents.


  • Professional photographs
  • Prepare all inputs for the listing on our site and MLS
  • Basic property description
  • Offer you guidelines and requirements for showing
  • Finalize price based on the current market and comparable properties
  • Create purchase offer workbook
  • Set up reports to keep you up-to-date
  • You have an action plan and we sign a contract


  • Photographs posted on MLS
  • Exposure to multiple MLS
  • Enhancing listing on MLS

Servicing the Sale

  • Negotiate offers
  • Coordinate the process of taking a signed purchase agreement to close the deal.

5% Full Marketing Plan and Representation

This is our most popular model because it offers value to our customers.

 This plan is designed to maximize your time and money by offering you:

  • Preparation for the home inspection
  • Appraiser assistance
  • Seller updates
  • Regular price strategy and market analysis
  • Set up home warranty and
  • Set up contractor service for handymen, roofing, and HVAC service
  • Obtain home inspection receipts
  • Marketing with additional digital assets, for example, floorplan, video, aerial
  • Set up home staging, even if the home is vacant
  • Coming Soon Marketing on social media
  • Social media and neighborhood marketing
  • Confirm loan application completions
  • Closing document reviews
  • Other value-added services include moving services.

We want you to know:

  • Sellers who used an average MLS agent in 2020 sold their home for 99.36% of its listed price. Sellers who hired us sold for 102.11% of their original price.
  • Our Premium Service plan netted our clients 2.75% more than the average MLS agent.
  • Sellers who hired an average MLS agent in 2020 waited 34 days before getting an offer, whereas those who used us had an offer within 16 days of listing their home.
  • Sellers who hired an average MLS agent in 2020 waited 78 days before selling, whereas those who hired us closed in 48 days.
  • Our Smooth Move service can save you 1 month’s mortgage payments.

Our Premium Service plan makes all the difference in how fast home sales are closing. Your home is also pre-inspected, which means that when an interested buyer is ready to make an offer, no time is wasted.

We also offer a home stager and home warranty to ensure your home is presented in its highest and best light to ensure a quick sale. Added to that, we insure the components of the home while it is listed. This helps cover your fear of perhaps an AC unit going out while your home is listed, and also offers protection for the buyer. These robust terms in our Service Plan help bring in strong offers that close faster, increase prices as buyers feel protected, and also aid in the selection process.

6% Renovation Plan

With this plan, we also offer you the service of our Renovation Program. I bring my contractors in and act as a project manager to help you complete essential repairs and renovations quickly. I coordinate the effort for you at this slightly higher rate.

This plan is perfect for those looking to update the home while trying to sell out of state or without the hassle of project management.

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