S. Weld County

As the third largest count in Colorado, S. Weld county occupies 4,016 square miles in the northern portion of the state. Home to 32 incorporated municipalities, including expanding cities, quaint towns, and thousands of acres of agricultural, S. Weld county is an ideal location for families of every size.

Although only 325,000 people are inhabitants of the county, it is incredibly large covering more land that Rhode Island, Delaware, and the District of Columbia combined! This means there is huge potential for growth in this region. The main cities in this county include Erie, Dacono, Firestone, Frederick, and Longmont.

Erie is much smaller town in Colorado with a population just over 18,000. Despite its size, it is a centrally located city just 35 minutes from Denver International Airport, 25 minutes from Denver, and 20 minutes from Boulder. This town is unique for its coal mining roots and the railroad that helped the town grow quickly. This city has all the charm of a small town with the proximity to bustling cities.

Dacono is an interesting town with a small population of just over 4,00 people. Its name is an amalgamation of the names of Daisy Baum, Cora Van Vorhies, and Nora Brooks. It was first settled in the early 1900s when pioneers came to work in the coal mines. Today it is home to the Colorado National Speedway, a track spanning 0.375 miles.

With incredible views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Firestone is located on the northern edge of the Denver-Boulder metro area. Firestone is known for its abundant open spaces, outdoor recreational activities, and growing economy. Firestone has over 35 parks and 12 miles of scenic trails to be explored. Its population is just over 10,000 and it occupies 10.4 square miles of space. With its rank as one of the safest communities in Colorado, Firestone is a great community to call home.

Originally named McKissick after the mine owner, Frederick was officially incorporated in 1907. It started out as a coal mining town which attracted immigrants from across Europe. South of Firestone and North of Dacono, these three towns were often referred to as the Tri-towns. This small town is perfect for those looking for a more nature-friendly area.

Education is extremely important to those who reside in S. Weld county. There are 12 school districts which offer great educational opportunities. The St. Vrain Valley RE-1J district is dedicated to academics and has the results to show it. Along with their commitment to education, they dedicate time and energy to the community through before and after school programs.

S. Weld county is a nature lover’s dream with recreational opportunities scattered throughout the county. The 21-mile Poudre trail is perfect for walking, running, and biking, the St. Vrain State Park has 604 acres of land and 152 acres of water perfect for camping and fishing. The Pawnee Buttes are 193,000 acres of short-grass prairie perfect for birding, hiking, and recreational shooting. Don’t worry, for those who don’t enjoy the outdoors there are a number of breweries, restaurants, live music, and festivals that attract visitors from across the country.

S. Welds county is an ideal location as Denver, Cheyenne, DIA and Rocky Mountain National park all just an hour’s drive away. With Major highways surrounding the area, getting around is no issue. While there isn’t currently a light rail the North Line comes near by the border of Eerie and Thornton.

S. Welds county’s livability is just one of the many reasons anyone would choose to settle down, but the abundant sunshine, low humidity, cool summer, and mild winter just add to the reasons why so many people thrive here.

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