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Working with a trusted professional who’s skilled with today’s changing virtual practices may help you win big. While always abiding by Colorado area county regulations, I know exactly what today’s buyers need, and how to put the necessary digital steps in place. 

What’s Your Home Worth

Experts agree the housing market could potentially be bigger than ever. Let’s connect today so you can get in on the action and move into your dream home this year.

Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Within our guaranteed home sale program, we want to offer you the opportunity to make a quick home sale. There are two options available to you, namely iBuyers and our Home Sale Guarantee.

Menu of Commission Rates

Transparency is vital to me and my team. As real estate agents, we work tirelessly to help you sell your home, and unlike other professionals, we don’t get paid hourly or weekly. Our commission covers the whole process, and vary between 1% and 6%.

Seller Service Plan

If you’re considering selling your house, this is the ideal moment to discuss how you can benefit from the market trends in our local area with a move.

The key is to make sure your house is priced to sell immediately. This way, it will be seen by the most buyers. More than one of them may be interested, and it will be more likely to sell at a competitive price. 

Home Renovation Program

Getting your home prepared before you put it on the market helps you maximize the amount of money you can get for its sale. A renovated home is likely to spend fewer days on the market. This is exactly what iBuyer does with most homes.

Why you Shouldn’t Wait


Selling your house when the fewest number of homes are available to buy is what puts you in the driver’s seat. With today’s high buyer traffic and low inventory of houses for sale, this power combination makes now the optimal time to sell, if you’re ready. Whether you want to move-up or downsize, here’s the breakdown on supply and demand and why this imbalance in the current housing market positions this season as the optimal time to make your next move.

Request a copy of hour Home Selling Guide and find out how High Buyer Demand, Low Inventory means for you as a home seller in today’s real estate market!

What Does 2023 Have in Store For Home Prices


According to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Insights Report, nationwide, home values increased by 14% over the last twelve months. The dramatic rise happened when the inventory of houses for sale reached historic lows at the same time buyer demand skyrocketed as a result of record-low mortgage rates.

Request a copy of our Home Selling Guide today and find out where home values will go in 2023, as well as insights on current supply and demand levels.

If I Sell Now, Where Will I Go


Now is clearly a great time to sell, but when you do, how will you find a new home to move into while inventory is so low? With so few homes for sale and construction of newly built homes ramping up, you may be wondering if you should consider new construction in your search process. It’s a great question to ask, and one to look at from the pros and cons of what it means to buy a new home versus an existing one. Get a copy of our Home Selling Guide to for a few things to consider when making your decision.  

Our Sellers' Experiences Speak for Themselves

Mike is amazing! He is by far one of the best realtors I have ever worked with. He was quick to respond to questions, understood the market, and gave great recommendations to ensure a quick and smooth process. I highly recommend him.

Mike handled the sale of a 98-year-old bungalow, part of my parents' estate. Due to Covid, I was unable to travel and handled my Trustee end of things from Alaska, which could have been very challenging! Mike smoothed the way with assists on finding the right providers and crews for prep, repairs, cleaning, and even for moving and disposal of final belongings. We overcame the Time Zone difference and managed to complete some not-so-small repairs in good time! We closed in a timely manner, with full price buyers! I found Mike easy to work with, accommodating, adaptable, patient and knowledgeable.

Mike was very helpful in walking me through my options as an owner with regards to renting vs selling and the pros and cons of each for our unique situation. Ultimately we decided to sell, and he helped us feel confident in our decision every step of the way. Above all else, Mike is an excellent and fast communicator, and provided clear and direct communication during every part of the selling process. With my often hectic work schedule, I value quick turnaround on questions and advice, and he always met or exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.

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