Seller Service Plan

At Mike J. Gold, our objective is to expose your home to as many qualified buyers as possible until it is sold. We are committed to communicating the results of our marketing activities to you with a weekly update.

Our goal is to help you get the highest dollar value for your property with the least number of problems. Last, but not least, we make sure your property is exposed to buyers matching the demographic to purchase a property like yours.

Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan for selling your home is second to none. Our task is to put your home in the best light, make it accessible to prospective buyers, and make it visible to people searching for a home in your area. We also make sure to make them aware of all its features.

These marketing services include:

  • The use of professional HDR digital media images. We don’t only rely on photographs, but also use video and aerial images.
  • A floor plan is another tool that we create to give buyers a better idea of the layout of your home. Floor plans help to enhance the images, and buyers can get a better idea of the versatility of your interior spaces.
  • We use all the multiple listing services available to us for added exposure to your property. Your home is enhanced via all available networks. This is important because this is where most buyers start their initial search.
  • Your property will get excellent website exposure, and depending on the plan, we also utilize social media, creating a suitable campaign.

Pricing Plan

At Mike J. Gold we have the experience to help you determine what your home is worth in the open market. It is always vital to price your home correctly when selling so that it can be enticing for the home buyer to put in an offer. Correct pricing also ensures a faster sale.

It is never a good idea to price a home too high because inevitably you must chase the market down by reducing the price. Bear in mind, the longer your home is on the market, the more negatively it is viewed and may be overlooked by potential buyers. Buyers move on and buy other properties, and you may be faced with a smaller pool of available buyers.

There are various things we look at when determining the price: 

  • We consider what comparable listings of homes in your area are priced at.
  • We also consider what the home is worth based on the price given by an appraiser.
  • Finally, we take a close look at current price trends and the reasons for prices appreciating or depreciating.

Servicing Plan

The servicing plan of your home sale is as important to us as it is to you. There are various commission rates you can consider, according to the type of plan that interests you. You get to choose which one is best for you.

We also have the standard servicing plan provided by most agents, which includes the basic marketing of your home. However, with us, we take the sale of your home to the next level. Getting top dollar for your home is as important for us as it is for you. We have created unique marketing plans that maximize your home sale with added services.

All our servicing plans are aimed at selling your home at the best price and in the fastest possible time. However, we can offer you a whole range of services that will take the headache out of the home sale for you.

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