The Home Selling Process

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Selling your home with us is easy. You first choose which service plan suits you best. As you know, we offer a Basic and Premium plan. Our commission between the two plans varies between 4% and 6%.

The differences are the amount of time it usually takes to sell your home. Both our plans are designed to sell your home by exposing it to all the qualified buyers in the market. We aim to fetch the highest possible price for your home with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

This is where the Premium Plan comes in. Here we seek to use every marketing tool available to us to get buyers in the most likely demographic to see your home. We do this by offering you a full list of preparation, marketing, and servicing services at just 5% or 6% commission.

The efficiency of our Premium Plan has been proven repeatedly. Here are some of our figures which we are proud to share with you:

  • Sellers using other MLS agents in 2020 got 99.36% of its listed price; we sold for 102.11% of their price.
  • With our Premium Service plan, our clients netted 2.75% more than the average MLS agent.
  • We sold homes within 16 days of listing as opposed to 34 days of those using an average MLS agent.
  • In 2020, our home sales on the Premium plan took an average of 48 days compared to the 78 days of average MLS agents.
  • We can save you 1 month’s mortgage payments.


Preparing your home to be sold is a vital step in the service plan you choose. Your service plan will determine if you will be doing the decluttering and staging on your own, or if you will utilize our Premium Plan and the stager it offers. Here someone comes in and does all the hard work for you.

The pre-inspection offered by our Premium Plan is designed to save you time. Once a buyer is interested, you are ready to start negotiations immediately instead of dealing with small issues.

Photos are vital to listing your home and showing it off. They are used to present it on MLS and social services. Included in our preparation plan is to always show your home off at its best. If we are listing your home in the wintertime, we will look and see if you have any media that we could use to show the home when things are in full bloom.

Additionally, with the premium plan, we make sure all the photos show your home off at its best, but also provide other media like floorplans, videos, and aerial views.


Depending on the service plan you have chosen, we prepare all the marketing documents for your home sale. There are various marketing plans we use, one of which is a Coming Soon marketing plan on the Premium Plan. This is a very popular way to get buyers excited for your home’s listing via the use of social media and MLS agent searches.

We discuss all the social media strategies and which channels we will use in more detail, but you can be sure we know and understand how to use social media to your advantage.  Also, not to be overlooked is the power of us being a Zillow Preferred Agent. Your home gets added exposure on its network. The fact that we also enhance your home on ZTR (Zillow, Trulia,, and check these feeds for accuracy, helps you make a better and faster sale.


Our showing services coordinate with the plan you have chosen. We make sure only licensed real estate agents show your home.

We discuss any specific times that suit you, but we also ask you to consider showing your home at times suitable to buyers. Another consideration right now is the COVID-19 procedures and protocols. We closely adhere to these for everyone’s safety. We follow the protocols of the state and the various counties we serve to ensure that everything is run efficiently.

We keep a record of everyone coming into your property during a showing. We solicit feedback from potential buyers, so we can compare details about what they think of your home as opposed to others they have seen. All this is important information that we use to review your contract from time to time.

Contract Selection

Our job is pretty cut and dry here; we want you to select the best offer made by a potential buyer. We tend to see multiple offers in the current market, and we want to make sure that you select the best offer, not necessarily the best monetary offer. We want to make sure you select the contract with the best terms that guarantee the contract will close.

For example, a contract with a very high offer compared to others may stipulate that it is subject to certain appraisal conditions. If we know that there will be problems there, we may advise you to accept another, slightly smaller offer.

Finally, according to your Service Contract, we also help you complete the closing by helping you with all the documentation and finalizing

Title and Escrow for Sellers

What Are The Final Steps For You?

  • Transfer all utilities out of your name (gas, electric, cable, internet, etc.)
  • Review the closing settlement statement a few days before closing to ensure you have a full understanding of all the documents you will be signing.
    • Closing Costs for selling the fees that are needed to close and provide the the keys, remotes and other helpful information for your buyer.
    • Selling closing costs will be real estate commissions, title insurance, prorations (water, HOA, taxes, etc.) and the fee to close and record all of the documents.
  • Schedule Final walk-through
  • Provide wiring instructions to the closing company or get a certified check.
  • Bring your driver’s license or passport to the closing table
  • Closing day: Sign the paperwork, provide the keys- it’s officially SOLD!

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